Your first Visit

The first time you visit our chiropractic office in Graham you will greeted by the front desk. She will ask you to complete forms outlining your medical history and the reason for your visit. You will want to show up a little early to fill out these papers on your first visit.

Next you will meet with Dr. James C Lahoe or Dr.Tedd Perkins. He will discuss the health complaints about which you are chiefly concerned. Dr. Lahoe or Dr. Perkins will also ask about your family history, dietary habits, other care you may have had (chiropractic, osteopathic, medical, etc.), as well as your work and other activities that are a part of your life. These questions help to determine the nature of your illness and the best way to go about treating the problem. Following your case history, a physical examination will be performed. If necessary, x-rays or other diagnostic procedures may be appropriate. Additionally, a careful spinal examination and analysis will be performed to detect any structural abnormalities which may be affecting or causing your condition. All of these elements are important components of your total health profile and vital to the doctor of chiropractic in evaluating your problem.

If x-rays or other tests have been ordered, Dr. Lahoe or Dr. Perkins will discuss the findings with you on this visit or your next office visit. If Dr. Lahoe or Dr. Perkins feels safe with adjusting, your first adjustment will take place on your very first visit. Coley will review your insurance benefits with you and make every effort to answer any questions you may have regarding your care in our office.

Once Dr. Lahoe or Dr.Perkins has identified the problem, he will recommend a course of treatment. Care typically consists of chiropractic manipulative therapy, also known as “adjustments.” The adjustment is given by hand and consists of applying pressure to the areas of the spine that are out of alignment (also known as subluxations) or that do not move properly within their normal range of motion.

Your treatment may also be supplemented by adjunctive modalities (i.e. vibrocusser, graston technique), therapeutic stretches, and therapeutic exercises. Additionally, Dr. Lahoe or Dr. Perkins  may suggest ways to modify your daily activities to prevent further injury.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Our office may be reached by telephone at (253) 271-0338 or  Give us a call today to set up an appointment! Same day appointments are usually available.